Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1. Purchasing SodaXpress Products
  • 2. General SodaXpress Questions
  • 3. Operating the SodaXpress Machine
  • 4. Carbonating Cylinder
  • 5. Carbonating Bottle
  • 6. Troubleshooting
  • 7. Return and Exchange Policy
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    1. Purchasing SodaXpress Products

    1.1. How quickly can I expect my SodaXpress products to arrive once ordered?

    Your order should arrive within 2-5 business days after ordering it online. Once your order is processed and packed, you will receive an email to track your order with courier service provider. If your order is taking longer to deliver than expected, you may contact courier service customer support for status update, or contact us for assistance. Read more about shipping detail here.

    Delivery of 1-to-1 exchange refilled cylinders is handled by a 3rd party partner. Depending on order traffic, delivery may take up to 5 days. The designated runner will coordinate delivery arrangements with you in advance.

    1.2. Can I buy SodaXpress at a physical shop instead of online?

    Yes, you can drop by to our main office at Kota Damansara*, or WhatsApp us for a dealer near you.

    Operation hours: Monday - Friday (excluding public holidays), 10am - 5pm (lunch break: 12.30pm - 2pm).

    *For walk-in appointment, please send us a WhatsApp to +6018 280 9600.


    1.3. Where can I buy SodaXpress products?

    SodaXpress is available at below online stores:


    2. General SodaXpress Questions

    2.1. What are the benefits of having SodaXpress?

    You can make freshly-made sparkling water at home at any time with SodaXpress!

    • Home-made fresh sparkling water in seconds (click, press, release)
    • No mess after usage
    • No more lugging heavy cans or bottles from the store
    • Free up your fridge storage
    • No batteries, electricity or plumbing required
    • It's portable

    2.2. Is it really more cost-efficient for me to make sparkling water at home?

    Yes, the current cost to make 1 litre of sparkling water with SodaXpress is only around RM 0.70 compared to RM 3.20+/L for a local brand of sparking water and RM 10.90+/L of an imported brand from the store

    Our machines are most competitively priced in the market. Compared to SGD 200 and RMB 980 for similar machines available overseas, you are getting a European designed machine at very affordable local prices.

    In term of consumables, our gas refill cylinder is priced at RM44, compared to SGD 22 and RMB 98 overseas.

    A single use gas cartridge machine is also available locally, but at their advertised price, it will cost RM2 per litre of water. The choice is clear, not to mention wastage of the non-refillable cartridge.


    2.3. Is sparkling water safe to drink?

    Contrary to what you may hear or read about the ill effects of sparkling water, most of them are not backed up by facts.

    • Sparkling water is just a water with carbon dioxide added, nothing more. So it hydrates just as well as ordinary water, but with a refreshing mouth feel.
    • It doesn‚Äôt reduce bone density. People tend to confuse sparkling water with colas. Studies have found that non-cola carbonated soft drinks have no effect on bone density.
    • It doesn‚Äôt erode teeth enamel. Again, the confusion is due to colas, which are far more acidic and high¬†sugar content¬†than dissolved carbon dioxide in plain sparkling water.
    • Unless you have acid reflux, gastric ulcer or irritable bowel syndrome, for which sparkling water may a contra indicated, the gas may just cause a little bit of belching, but won‚Äôt cause and upset stomach. In fact, studies have found that it actually reduces indigestion and constipation.

    2.4. How safe is SodaXpress?

    Our machines have the benefit of more than 13 years of continuous production experience, coupled with full in-house R&D setup which has garnered more than 18 international patents or patents pending. All the essential components have been tested and certified to the various international standards such as SGS, KFDA and Carso-LSEHL. This is further backed up by our own product liability insurance.

    • Carbon dioxide gas is non-inflammable and non-toxic in atmospheric concentrations, so other than following our simple handling instructions, no special precautions are required.
    • All our gas cylinders are pressure tested at the factory and have a use-by date stamp. In addition, there is a safety release valve to prevent excessive pressure build up.
    • Our machines are equipped with safety valves to prevent over-pressurization of the carbonating bottle, and a unique patented safety lock to prevent accidental pressure blow-out when releasing the bottle after carbonation. This is especially important with children operating the machine.
    • The machine does not require electricity to operate, so there is no danger of electrical shock. In addition, it is likely to survive an accidental drop from the table top to the floor, another children friendly feature.
    • Our carbonating bottle are certified¬†BPA free, so they can be used safely.
    • We use only¬†halal certified food grade liquid carbon dioxide¬†with our machines, supplied by the world‚Äôs largest industrial gas manufacturer who has been in Malaysia since 1960. This is why we strongly recommend that you use only cylinders sold or refilled by us to ensure your product safety.

    2.5. Is SodaXpress part of Tealive Malaysia?

    No. Tealive Malaysia is powered by SodaXpress.


    2.6. I have bought a machine of a different brand previously from other countries ‚Äď can I buy a SodaXpress Carbonating Cylinder and use it on my machine?

    No, SodaXpress Carbonating Cylinder is only compatible with SodaXpress sparkling water machine. Customer who owns other major brand of sparkling water machine may purchase a brand new SodaXpress starter kit at a discount price. Please contact our team for inquiries.


    3. Operating the SodaXpress Machine

    3.1. Do I need special water to make sparkling water?

    No, you just need plain cold drinking water to make sparkling water. Using cold drinking water around 0 to 5 degrees Celsius would produce the best results.


    3.2. Can I carbonate other type of drinks other than plain water?

    Yes, you can carbonate any drinks with SodaXpress PINNACLE model. The PINNACLE has removable nozzle for easy cleaning after carbonation.


    3.3. Can I re-carbonate drinks that has lost its sparkling effect?

    Yes, you can re-carbonate your drink if it lost its sparkling effects.


    3.4. How would I know if my water is carbonated properly?

    You will hear a loud ‚Äúspppssshhhhhh‚ÄĚ to indicate that your water has been carbonated to saturation.


    3.5. How long should I press for my water to be carbonated?

    We recommend 2-3 seconds. You can press longer if you wish to have more fizz in your drink. However due to the laws of physics, there is only so much fizz that you can pump into your drink.


    3.6. Does SodaXpress sparkling water machine use electricity?

    No, SodaXpress sparkling water machine is electricity-free! No need to replace batteries or having the hassle to find a power point.


    3.7. Why can’t I carbonate my favourite drinks in the carbonation bottle directly?*

    We strongly recommend that you carbonate only plain water for a number of reasons :

    • Flavoured drinks contain dissolved and suspended ingredients such as sugar, various additives, fruit pulps, etc. These substance can come into contact with the internal parts of the machine and if left dry out without being cleaned after use, may block or clog them, thus causing malfunctions.
    • Besides the possible machine malfunction, there is the more serious danger of contamination by bacterial and fungal growth on the rich nutrient residue left behind on the machine part if not properly cleaned after use.
    • Dissolved and suspended ingredients reduce the solubility of CO2 in water, leading to poor carbonation and wastage of gas. In addition, they are likely to cause foaming and blow out when the pressure relieve valve is actuated, requiring a messy clean up.
    • If you accidentally carbonated other than plain water, we would suggest that you first remove the gas cylinder and then rinse the machine inside out under the tap. There are no electrical parts inside, so it is completely safe to do so. After that, re-attach the cylinder and flush the system by carbonating bottle of clean water and discard the water.

      *For SPHERA-T and older models only.


      3.8. Why did my SodaXpress carbonating bottle overflow during carbonation?

      This could happen if you press carbonation button exceeding the recommended duration. However if you are experiencing this when using only plain water, please check that the water level is not above the level marked on the SodaXpress carbonating bottle.


      4. Carbonating Cylinder

      4.1. Where can I refill the SodaXpress carbonating cylinder?

      Your empty cylinder is refillable (based on 1-to-1 exchange) at Tealive outlets or online shop (delivery within Klang Valley only) for RM44 per refill. We also offer direct purhase through our customer service for 1-to-1 exchange refilled cylinder outside of Klang Valley. Find out more here.


      4.2. How many times can I use the carbonating cylinder?

      A SodaXpress carbonating cylinder can make up to 50 to 55 litres of sparkling water.*

      *Estimate is based on moderate consumption only.


      4.3. Can I refill SodaXpress carbonating cylinder in other retail shops such as a paint-ball shop?

      No, you should not. We cannot guarantee the safety of drinking the sparkling water utilizing other sources of gasses. Other retail outlets may not have the necessary quality check and may introduce contaminates into you SodaXpress carbonating cylinder. We use food grade and halal-certified CO2 only.


      4.4. How should SodaXpress carbonating cylinder be stored?

      SodaXpress carbonating cylinder contains pressurized liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) which has tendency to vaporize and expand when it is exposed to a source of heat for prolonged period of time. Therefore, the cylinder must not exposed to sources of heat (such as travel in the trunk of a car), or placed right next to a heat source such as oven, stove or fireplace. It is important to always store the cylinder in a cool and dry environment. Every cylinder is fitted with a safety valve which will safely release the gas in the unlikely event the pressure in the cylinder rises to excessive level.


      4.5. Will SodaXpress Carbonating Cylinder explode?

      SodaXpress carbonating cylinder is equipped with a safety valve which will safely release the gas in the unlikely event the pressure in the cylinder rises. However as it is still a cylinder containing compressed gas, for safety it should not be used for any other purpose other than operating SodaXpress sparkling water machines.


      4.6. Can I take my SodaXpress carbonating cylinder on a plane?

      Regulations would not allow compressed gas tanks to be brought onto planes. It is strictly prohibited to carry compressed gas cylinders as carry-on items as wells as checked-in baggage. 


      5. Carbonating Bottle

      5.1. Can I use normal water bottles in place of SodaXpress carbonating bottles?

      No. SodaXpress Carbonating Bottles are specially made to withstand high pressure as well as to lock in safety with SodaXpress sparkling water machine. We cannot guarantee the safety of using other bottles other than our SodaXpress carbonating bottles.

      5.2 Can I carbonate less than the maximum capacity?

      Yes you can. You can fill up your drink at any capacity you prefer, but it will take a few seconds longer as it will require more CO2 to completely fizz up your drink. It is advisable to opt for the SodaXpress 500ML carbonating bottle if you desire a smaller quantity.


      5.3. How should I clean SodaXpress Carbonating Bottle?

      You can rinse the bottle with normal water. Use a soft brush or sponge to wash the inside of the bottle if required. You can use normal dish washing liquid if required. To ensure the cleanliness of the bottle, once after washing it, you can fill it up with drinking water and leave it in your fridge for use the next time you would like to make sparkling water. DO NOT use hot water to wash the bottle.


      5.4. My SodaXpress carbonating bottle is damaged, can I still use it?

      If there are dents, cracks or if the bottle is deformed, you should not use it any more as its integrity to sustain high pressure may be compromised. You can get a new SodaXpress carbonating bottle at our online shop, or

      5.5. Can I use the SodaXpress carbonating bottle on the older model?

      Yes, the both sizes of carbonating bottles are compatible with all SodaXpress sparkling water machine.

      5.6. I’ve lost my SodaXpress carbonating bottle / bottle cap, where can I get a new one?

      You can order a new set at our online shop, or Please contact us to get your bottle cap replaced.

      5.7. I can’t remove SodaXpress carbonating bottle from the machine after carbonation.

      This could be due to excess CO2 has not been released entirely. Press the pressure-release button again until all gas has been released.


      5.8. Why does SodaXpress carbonating bottle have an expiry date?

      SodaXpress carbonating bottle is made to withstand recurring pressure during carbonation, only for a safe period of time. SodaXpress carbonating bottle should be replaced if it is scratched, deformed or discoloured. Never place the bottle in a dishwasher. Never use metal brushed, abrasives, or chemical cleaners to clean the bottle.


      6. Troubleshooting

      6.1. My SodaXpress PINNACLE sparkling water machine is stuck, I can't fit the bottle into the adaptor. What should I do?

      The adaptor can be easily fixed by pulling it outward. Click here for visual reference.


      6.2. I just bought a refilled cylinder, it's heavy but it's not carbonating, what can I do?

      The carbonating cylinder may be overfilled during the refilling process. You can try to fit the cylinder into your sparkling water machine and push the carbonation button a few times until the pressure is realeased. If it does not work, please contact us for free exchange*.

      *Please provide cylinder purchase proof to exchange. Purchase date must not exceed more than 7 days, and the cylinder must be full.


      6.3. I just refilled my cylinder, and it's already empty after less than the moderate use. Is my cylinder faulty?

      Perhaps you carbonate beyond the recommended duration or your sparkling water machine has a leak, causing the cylinder to deplete faster. You can also weigh the cylinder to ensure it is full before use. Contact customer support for more details.


      6.4. There's gas coming out of the infuser when I carbonate my drink, do you sell the PINNACLE infuser only?

      Yes, we do sell the infuser only. Please contact our team to inquire more.


      7. Return and Exchange Policy

      7.1. Click here to learn more about return and refund policy.

      7.2. For exchange, please refer to the warranty terms and conditions.